Not reading this will cost you time and money

  • Nominations are €100 but Blacknight have covered the nomination fee.
  • Nominations close Jan 4th at 4pm and then the cost per nomination is €400 from the 4th to the 6th.
  • You can enter up to 4 categories this year.
  • Only someone from the business/org or an agreed representative can nominate a business/website for these awards.
  • We strongly suggest copying and pasting your entry into a Word document just in case anything goes wrong as you’re nominating.
  • An email from will be sent to you to verify your entry. If you don’t verify it, your nominations won’t go through.
  • Once verified you will be sent a link which allows you to edit your entry up to the close of nominations.

If you are over the word count in some categories, it probably means you are writing too much. Shorter entries score better.

  • If a single SME is entered in more than 4 categories by you, we will delete ALL entries.
  • Late entries (up to 48 hours) incur an admin fee of €400 per category. Asking us to edit your nomination after entries close also incurs €150 per change. So don’t be late.
  • Your entry will be judged by the public and cranky business types.
  • Our contact email is but we won’t answer emails about extensions or exceptions.
  • Be careful when copying and pasting with the word count. Delete any white spaces before first and last words. Our word counter counts the words in links!

You can jump to the category that you're interested in by clicking on the links below :

1.Family Run Business

2.Under 30s Business

3.Retailer (With mostly offline focus)

4.Online Retailer (Irish Market)

5.Online Retailer (Export)

6.Food and Drink – Micro to Small SME

7.Customer Focus / Engagement

8.New Business – Non Digital

9.New Business – Services

10.New Business – Digital

11.Community Minded Company

12.Environmentally Minded

13.Company Transformation

14.B2B SME

15.New Product / Service from an SME

16.SME Website (Non eCommerce)

17.SME Social Media (In-house)

1. Family Run Business

This category is for an SME that is family run. Our definition of a family run business is one where two or more family members are involved in senior roles, take part in the daily running of the SME and where the majority of ownership or control lies within a family.

2. Under 30s Business

The people running this company/owners must be 30 or under as of December 1st 2015

3. Retailer (With mostly offline focus)

This category is for an SME Retailer that may trade online but really their main business (and focus for now) is offline retail and so local retail.

4. Online Retailer (Irish Market)

This is for SMEs that are mostly trading online. You may have a retail outlet or outlets in Ireland but you market to and are known for your online sales. The majority of your customers must be from the island of Ireland.

5. Online Retailer (Export)

This is for an SME that has an online focus and where the majority of their customers are from outside the island of Ireland.

6. Food and Drink – Micro to Small SME

Our definition: Micro = 1 to 5 employees, Small 6 to 20 employees.
This category is for an SME that works in the Food and Drink industry that produces their own food and/or drink products that are sold to retailers or sold to other businesses to be resold. This does not cover companies that produce ingredients or products that get used to produce a final food or drink product.

7. Customer Focus / Engagement

This is for SMEs who truly put their customers first with customer care/service being a main pillar of the SME’s ethos.

8. New Business – Non Digital

Your new business must have been founded after January 1st 2013. 3 years is plenty of a start. This category is for a new business that is not selling services and is not a web only/digital company. We have another category for this. Physical products, offline events, retailing etc. would cover this category.

9. New Business – Services

Your new business must have been founded after January 1st 2013. 3 years is plenty of a start.

10. New Business – Digital

Your new business must have been founded after January 1st 2013. 3 years is plenty of a start. This is for a company that is web only or a digital offering. Online retail, Web apps, digital offerings such as games etc.

11. Community Minded Company

We think “Corporate Social Responsibility” is a shit term. It reads like “Community Service for Oil Polluters”. This is for an SME that gives a damn about their local community or the wider community of the island of Ireland. We want to know how you are helping to improve you local community and how you measure it.

12. Environmentally Minded

This is for SMEs that are making a very conscious decision to respect the environment as much as the bottom line. Companies who have policies on environmental matters beyond the mandated processes.

13. Company Transformation

This is for an SME that has “upped their game” by making significant changes to their business by rebranding, becoming digital first or through finding new markets and designing products or services to fit this market. There is a specific category for IT projects, this is for non-IT transformations.

14. B2B SME

SMEs are a large driver of B2B business in Ireland. We want to recognise the work of B2B SMEs with this category. Tell us why you should be an award winning B2B SME by showing us how you have worked in the past 12 months as a B2B business. Please note that the majority of you work needs to be B2B.

15. New Product / Service from an SME

A new product or service created by an SME in the past 18 months. (Mid 2014 to end of 2015). We want examples of a product you designed and had produced for the market. Or a service you have designed and implemented. Rebadging an existing product or service here will not suffice. This is not a category for resellers.

16. SME Website (Non eCommerce)

This is for the website of an SME that is used to generate leads and build awareness but is not an eCommerce site.

17. SME Social Media (In-house)

This category is for the social media of an SME and must be run in-house without the use of an external company.